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Green Clean Queen / 2782362 Ontario Inc

  • Cleaning & Restoration
3 Dahlia Drive
Chatham, Ontario N7L 5L6
Monday through Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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    GCQ is a boutique cleaning service that specializes in a chemical-free process.

    Green Clean Queen came about through Jenn's talent for cleaning – instilled at a young age by her mom, Cheryl – and her passion for all things organic.

    There is a very real need for a service like Green Clean Queen so that people can spend more time relaxing when they are home. With an entirely organic cleaning process, Green Clean Queen provides the relaxation time you deserve as well as a chemical-free home environment.

    Handmade, Organic, Time-tested Recipes

    Believing that chemical-free is always better, Jenn has created a line of cleaning products that rely on age-old methods and new technology.

    All of Green Clean Queen's products are non-toxic and child & pet safe. You could literally drink these products although we can't vouch for how good they would taste!

    Green Clean Queen is ideal for growing families who are keen to avoid using chemicals for cleaning as well as anyone who suffers allergies.

    All of Green Queen Clean's products are handmade by Jenn herself and available for purchase if you would like to use them more regularly.

    Customized, Personal, Green

    Green Clean Queen's process starts with an in-person consultation.

    Different clients have different needs and Jenn believes that tailored services deliver the best value for your money.

    Your initial consultation will cover:

    What needs to be cleaned regularly

    What kind of cleaning cadence works best for your schedule

    What can be added in occasionally

    Tips for getting the most out of your GCQ services

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